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Private Krka Waterfalls Tour

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Tour description

You know those Instagram photos you’re always envious of? The ones with carefree tourists swimming under fairytale-like waterfalls in Croatia? That can be you, too.

Meet Krka National Park, one of Croatia’s essential locations and an item you must check off of your travel checklist.

Fortunately for you, we have a private tour that we believe will not only make your Krka experience unforgettable, but if you choose to plan it with us, it will be a breeze.

What you need to know about Krka National Park 

But before you get to Krka, we’d like to relay some important items of information that’ll help you gear up for your trip. Welcome to Krka 101. Let’s begin.

Skradinski buk, Krka national park, infographic

Did you know that Krka National Park is the seventh of Croatia’s eight national parks, which was proclaimed as so in 1985? Located within Šibenik-Knin County, the park covers a total area of 109 square kilometers, featuring preserved ecosystems, unparalleled natural value, flora (1022 plant species to be exact), fauna, and of course, Croatia’s most popular waterfalls. But did you know that those famous waterfalls are a phenomenon that took millions of years to create?

Namely, the strong current of the river (which cuts through the park and runs 72.5 kilometres long to make it the 22nd longest in Croatia) slowly carved its way through the limestone hills and created a canyon 200 meters deep. Moss and algae then retained the limestone’s calcium carbonate, forming barriers and creating magical waterfalls that gracefully glitter throughout the canyon.

Krka National Park also has cultural and historical monuments, medieval fortresses, and working examples of flour and fulling mills, alongside displays of traditional costumes and agricultural implements.

And the best way to experience this natural wonder? By choosing our foolproof private tour from Split.

Private Krka Tour Ticket

– Tailor Made Excursion –
€ 1,000
€ 650
€ 500


TOLL FREE NO.: +1 (213) 808-6022

CELL PHONE: +385 91 644-3333

WHATSAPP: +385 91 644-3333

EMAIL: office@sugamantours.com

ADDRESS: Dosud 4, 21000 Split

What to expect

Since Krka National Park is just over an hour away from Split (90 kilometers), it is one of the best day trips you could plan.

But how about we take the tour one step further and tell you that the UNESCO-protected town of Trogir is on the way the park and that you’ll get to stop there, too? A coastal gem of Croatia you shouldn’t miss, here’s to killing two birds with one stone!

The tour will begin once we set off from Split in our luxury, air-conditioned minibus, which is also equipped with WiFi. After approximately 30 minutes of driving, we’ll hit Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage site and museum town. Here, you’ll get to wander around its medieval walls, let your curious eyes guide you to the Kamerlengo fortress, and roam around buildings dating back to the 13th and 15th centuries – like the famous Cathedral or the Duke’s Palace. One thing is for sure –  this ancient town will fascinate you, and you’ll be happy we stopped in Trogir.

After you’ve made your mark on the palm-tree-lined waterfront promenade and wiggled your way through its narrow alleyways, you’ll say goodbye to Trogir and charge north to Skradin where we will enter Krka National Park.

The tour begins with a scenic boat ride which will drop you off at the motherland – the Skradinski Buk waterfall.

From here, you’ll embark on a one-hour guided sightseeing tour of the park, followed by two hours of free time to explore the park on your own where you can swim, eat, or choose to chill. With a heart full, a mind stimulated, and a body refreshed, we’ll get you back to Split just in time for dinner.

What to see inside Krka National Park?

If you ask us, there is plenty to see inside Krka National Park, but as time is limited and you’re trying to pack the most into your holiday, there are some attractions that must make the cut. Like the Skradinski Buk waterfall, which you’ll encounter right after we disembark from our boat ride from Skradin. This absolutely compelling waterfall, which is the largest travertine cascade system in Europe, is no stranger to social media feeds and has secured its place on the pages of travel magazines. Its grandeur will quickly draw you in, and you’ll want to jump right in for a swim.

During your hour-long tour with our expert guide, you will learn all about the park’s history. While following the park’s educational paths, you’ll uncover authentic remnants like stone houses and watermills that have transformed into souvenir shops and exhibition spaces.

After the tour, you’ll have time to explore the park by yourself. Whether you want to swim, hike further into the park, or load up on souvenirs, the times is yours – do as you please.

You can visit Skradinski Buk and Trogir on Our Daily Krka Waterfalls Tour

Book your spot and join us for an outdoors adventure!

Day Tour from Split


You might want to keep your swimsuits handy, because the answer is YES! Krka National Park does allow visitors to swim, though it is ONLY permitted in the clearly marked bathing areas and only in the summer season. And yes, Skradinski Buk is fair game!

What to bring to Krka National Park?

You’ll be doing quite a bit of walking on this tour, so making sure you wear a comfortable pair of shoes is necessary.

If you’re hoping to swim, don’t forget your swimsuit or towel, and if you have water shoes? They can’t hurt as some parts of Skradinski Buk can get pretty slippery.

You’d be silly to forget your camera, considering you’ll find it challenging to stop snapping photos on this tour – but ensuring you have an extra charger or battery pack is equally as important.

You’ll want to stay hydrated on this tour, so a refillable water bottle is a key! And if you get hungry? Carrying snacks with you can’t hurt, though the park offers food stalls that sell everything from sandwiches and salads to hot dogs, ice cream, cold drinks, coffee and items off the grill.  Just make sure you carry cash as most places aren’t credit card friendly.

And since you’ll be out in the sun? Load up on SPF and bring along your favorite hat and sunglasses – you won’t be sorry.


While you already know that you can swim only in the designated areas of the park, what other park rules must you follow?

Namely, it is forbidden to:
– dive or fish using a spear gun/harpoon
– recreationally fish without a permit
– hunt, catch, frighten or disturb wild game or other animal species
– pick or damage indigenous plants
– break or damage travertine
– take photographs for commercial purposes without approval
– bring drones or other unmanned aerial equipment inside the Park
– travel by motor vehicle along roads on which travel is forbidden or limited without approval
– camp or light fires outside of clearly marked areas
– dispose of waste and to pollute springs and watercourses
– move along travertine barriers outside the clearly marked trails
– walk dogs without a leash


Well, let us break it down for you.

Not only does our tour offer you an exclusive experience of the park and Trogir, but we also get you there without the headache. Because otherwise, it’d take twice as long to get there by bus, be twice as expensive if you rented a car, and you’d only get to see half of what we offer!

With our private tour, getting to Krka is painless – and we get you there in style thanks to our air-conditioned, luxury minibus. And did we mention it has WiFi?

Let us do the work and give you a tour tailored to your appetite; a tour where you get to choose your guests, your route, and your times.

Are you ready to chase the waterfalls with us?